5 Things to Leave in 2017

5 Things to Leave in 2017

Comparison.  Her journey is her journey and your journey is yours! Don’t compare your strength, goals, and results!

Skipping the doctor. Even when you feel fine, still make sure you are visiting the doctor regularly. There are some quiet threats that are better to treat sooner than later.

Lack of self-care. We all are busy, we totally get it. However, don’t forget to spend extra time for whatever your pretty heart desires. Pedicures, spas, or meditation…. You deserve it all.

Being busy. Give up busy days for more productive days. We all been guilty of having too much to do with so little time. 2018 assess what’s important and eliminate where necessary.

Eating boring healthy food options. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, and you certainly don’t have to stick to your 5 favorite healthy dishes. Explore new recipes and restaurants that offer clean eats without compromising your taste buds.


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