Who Are We

Soul by the Pound is a 501c3 dedicated  to empowering women of color in health and personal wellness. Soul by the Pound focuses on helping women discover ways to improve their physical and mental health with fitness events, panel discussions, and online tools.



Soul by the Pound was actually birthed in a small living room from a fitness challenge. Founder China Panion invited a bunch of friends over for a fitness challenge where they all put money in a pot to see who could lose weight, winner takes the entire pot. As time progressed throughout the life events got in the way of the group’s progress.


With the desire to still impact women despite their busy schedule the group moved to an online community called Soul by the Pound. With time the group grew from 7 members to a community of hundreds of women that all have one goal  “get healthy, and empower the women around them to live a healthy life.”


Soul by the Pound has since moved from just a weight loss group but to advocacy, for women to live a completely healthy life. We empower women everywhere to take personal responsibility in health and wellness. We created several programs from fitness expos, panel discussions, and even online tools to help women live their best lives.

Learn More

To learn more about Soul by the Pound or partner with us for an upcoming event, send us an email at info@soulbythepound.org