CMO Corner: The Day I knew I was Her

CMO Corner: The Day I knew I was Her

So I had this moment twice in my life. Well twice as far as I can remember. The moment when I catch a glimpse of myself and think wow China you are the woman you always wanted to be.

Now granted I’ve looked in the mirror several times and said oh girl you cute and headed out. But on two occasions I passed a mirror and stopped and said that’s it China you are her. Who is her? You know her. The one when you were a kid you said wow mom she’s pretty and favors me. Or maybe that woman when you were a college freshman you wanted to ask her what she did for a living because she looked like she had it all together. Yea I am talking about her!

For me growing up it was my melanin on fleek mom who kept her face beat, a cute pantsuit ( the style back then) and a red lip. Later on, it was Naomi Campbell, who was unapologetic, had long glory down her back, and a tall thin frame. And then came college it was that brown girl who could hold a convo so eloquently, work the room and dressed to kill.

I remember the first time I met the woman I always wanted to be. I just landed in Chicago leaving DC at 6 am on a Monday morning. I hopped in a cab went to my job,  ran up the stairs to my job and in the long hallway mirror next to my office suite I looked at myself. My curls bouncing, chic luggage, and a wool coat that made me look as though I was posing for a via Spiga ad.

Yes at that moment I thought China you are the woman you always wanted to be. Now don’t get me wrong I have ways and ways to go but that moment… that exact moment I felt so accomplished. I looked exactly like the woman that little China would run up to and say you’re pretty, or the woman college china would ask for an internship and even the woman young professional china would point at and say that lady has it all together. Exclude my many graduations, the launch of my business, and all that other stuff, it was that moment I felt there she is, I am finally her!

So tell me what was your moment? I am asking because in the New Year we get caught up in the woman we want to be we forget that moment we realized we are already her! Hit me a line below and tell me about that moment.





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