What 2017 is looking like

What 2017 is looking like




Don’t let ex-strippers landing millionaires, or an orange man as POTUS burden you with the lack of confidence for 2017.

2017 we’re throwing shade to jealousy, fear, and lack of self-confidence. #YouTheIshGirl





Gone are the days of mediocre salaries, lowballed projects, and unpaid invoices. This shall be a year of fruitfulness. As my grandma always said no one can take what’s in your head. Processes can be replicated and duplicated but they can never duplicate you.

Soulstar you better negotiate for this fruitful 2017. #PraiseHim




Tell all those negative Nancys, those part-time lovers, and those take it all Tammys they only have a couple of days left of 2016. We are clearing out all people and things that interrupt our peace. 

2017 will be a perfect peace! #WoosahGirl


Good Health:


Well duh, this will forever be a must in the New Year. This year we saw celebs dropping like flies from heart attacks, strokes, and everything else.

2017 has to, gots to, better be, looking like good health. #BeTheHealthiestYouHunny




So today ditch all the horrid memories of 2016 and get ready for 2017’s sexy self!

Write in the comments below or hit us up on Instagram @soulbythepoundwellness and tell us what your 2017 is looking like.

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